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SignoraCare 20 Litres Mineral Water pot(Unbreakable)

SignoraCare 20 Litres Mineral Water pot(Unbreakable)
Modal no.[SCMWP-1509]

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Key Features:

  • Capacity 20 Litres.
  • 13 Litres upper tank, 7 Litres bottom tank
  • Transparent Tank Made Of Unbreakable Food Grade Plastic.
  • Use Of Nano - Silver Carbon For Better Disinfection Of Wate and no Chemicals Like Chlorine Bromine Or Iodine are Used For Purification, thereby Providing Healthier And Tastier Drinking Water.
  • Streamline And Contemporary Design, micro Hole Ceramic Filter, granule Activated Carbon Cartridge removes Bacteria,Chlorine,Rust,Chemicals releasing Inorganic Minerals that eliminates Odor And Improves Taste.
  • High Base Stand Enables Easy Positioning Of Glass To Draw Water.


Brand: SignoraCare
Product Name: SignoraCare 20 Litres Mineral Water pot(Unbreakable)
Model: SCMWP-1509

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