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SignoraCare 900 Watts Clothes Dryer

SignoraCare 900 Watts Clothes Dryer
Modal no.[SCCD-2809]

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Key Features:

  • Double Safety Protection, Designed With The Intelligent Semi Conducting Heater..
  • igh Thermal Efficiency, Saves Power, Circular Flow, Run Up The Airflow And Steam ,Drying Fast,Auto Timer To Switch Off.
  • Can Dry Up To 5-6 Kg Of Laundry After Washing Machine Spin Dry At One Go .
  • Protect Expensive Fabrics (Wool,Silk,Etc) From Damage,Shrinkage And Fading Color.
  • Easy To install and portable.Saves Ironing Time Due To Reduced Creasing.
  • Multi Purpose Use For Pillows,Comforter,Bolsters,Soft Toys,Children Shoes, Leather Bags,Etc.. Saves Ironing Time Due To Reduced Creasing.
  • Get Rid Of Smelly Damp Clothes And Body Order,Kill Germs,Dust Mites,Bacterial,Virus,Etc.
  • Warranty-1 Year Warranty.


Brand: SignoraCare
Product Name: SignoraCare 900 Watts Clothes Dryer-Blue
Model: SCCD-2809

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