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SignoraCare 2000 Watts Storage water heater-15 Litres

SignoraCare 2000 Watts Storage water heater-15 Litres
Modal no.[SCSWH-2507/1]

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Key Features:

  • Non Corrosive Powder Coated Exterior.
  • High Grade non corrosive Stainless Steel Inner Tank.
  • Thermostat Control safety Valve thermal Cut-Out fusible Plug,Thermal Auto Cut Off feature.
  • Capacity:-15 litres.
  • Power:-2000 Watts.
  • long Life Heating Element.
  • Warranty-1 Year Warranty.


Brand: SignoraCare
Product Name: SignoraCare 2000 Watts Storage Water Heater 15 Litres-White
Model: SCSWH-2507/15 L

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