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Job Perspectives

Welcome Those who want to gain new perspectives, must accept challenges of the future. Often future looks like an adventure, which one must get involved with.

It is of advantage, if you can start the adventure into the future with a strong and reliable partner. The dynamic and positive development of SignoraCare is based on our willingness to try new things and challenge proven ones. Transparency and openness characterize our dealings with each other.

We are a company rich of tradition and with a future, and we are looking for people with vision, who think the future and thereby assess opportunities and risks properly.

Qualified employees with a sense of efficient teamwork and fairness in dealing with customers and colleagues. Personalities who like to act fast and target-oriented and thereby rely on their international experience.

SignoraCare want to be "trendsetters" - worldwide, with products and services as well as the most modern forms of work. We take pride in independent and innovative employees, flat hierarchies, in competent teams in which they take decisions together.

Requirement: the availability of information, the rapid and unrestricted access to knowledge. The use of most modern technologies shortens ways and promotes the power of renewal. We appreciate your interest and look forward to receiving your application!

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